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TMS treatment patient review

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The rTMS Centre

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G. A
a month ago

I found this treatment through a friend who highly recommended it to me , I’m on its final stages and I have to say it’s doing wonders for me , Nima was truly a good professional and supportive during the all treatment , always receptive to understand and help the evolution with my treatment, I have only good words to say about my experience here.

Sahar A
6 months ago

I have been doing guided TMS treatment for my OCD in the last 6 weeks and I have noticed significant improvements in my overall symptoms and especially those intrusive thoughts. TMS has also had an impact on my anxiety levels which I’m very happy about. Nima has been excellent in explaining the whole process to me from the start to finish and the after support is excellent.

Ranjit Bhambra
11 months ago

As a clinician I am taught to follow an evidence based, pragmatic and realistic approach. This fell to pieces when anxiety and anxiety related depression took hold. I was in stuck in abyss; an ever increasing vacuum of darkness and loss; I felt as though I was the centre of that downward spiral that just spins and spins until it disappears. The moment I cried out for help was when I attended A and E in the early hours of the morning. I was cold, disconnected and felt as though I was floating on a cloud of pain. It was that day that I decided to reach out. I wanted a professional opinion and contacted a leading consultant psychiatrist. The consultation confirmed the diagnosis - Generalised Anxiety Disorder and OCD traits. The diagnosis was a breath of fresh air - a final closure on what had been a troublesome journey. But I lie. The diagnosis was the start of one of the most beautiful self-encompassing and enriching journeys I have ever taken. Even though I have trained in modern medicine; I have always held the belief that treatment which is minimally invasive is the route that most aligns with the human psyche because it allows us to heal from within rather than dampen disease and pain via pharmaceutical agents. Being versed in the importance of evidence based guidelines such as NICE I carried out my own elementary research and and came across the revolutionary treatment modality of rTMS. I believe in quantum mechanics and hence photons - pockets of energy that make make up matter and hence us as human beings. Everything around us is constructed from atoms and these atoms are constructed from pockets of energy i.e. photons. The energy can be transferred or communicated using vibrations, light , sound, speech, electromagnetic energy etc. The idea of magnetic field being applied to select regions of my brain to reset the neural pathways via energy pockets spoke volumes to me because it explained rTMS to me a in a scientific manner - encompassing biology, psychology, physics and chemistry. The fact the the treatment modality has been approved by NICE, FDA and NHS speaks volumes as it has been accredited by leading clinicians in the field of mental health. Of course I was wary. It was a large amount of money to part with - but I had hope; hope that if it worked it would be a gift that had no monetary value. My experience surpassed any expectations that I had. Nima was kind; understanding and a medium through which I explored my own journey. He was a guide that helped me transition into a self searching journey. He treated me with respect and listened to my thoughts and desires. He explained in detail the process of rTMS and realistic expectations. The magnetic fields are transferred to your head in a gentle fashion via a metallic head piece; I experienced no pain, no discomfort but again I went into the journey with my hands open. Open to explore and without any resistance. Throughout the sessions we spoke about psychology, philosophy and sometimes even the weather. But it allowed me to explore - explore the concepts of my inner child, faith and belief. Nima allowed me to steer my own journey whilst providing key guides and pit stops. The rTMS sessions were about 20 minutes each day. And then at the end of week 2 a switch clicked. I was smiling. I was wanting to live again. I was feeling positive. Yes I got angry, yes I got stressed and anxious - but I began dealing and understanding it; and replacing it positive energy. My family and fiends started commenting on my positive nature and how I was calm and engaged. I started sighing with relief. It was working. It was breathing life into my levitating soul that was losing touch with humanity. I am grateful for this journey. I know life will have its ups and down. But I feel I have found a treatment modality that I can always reach out to when times are hard and though.

a year ago

I'm really glad I found about about the rTMS centre. It's made a good difference in how I feel, and Nima was very accommodating and friendly throughout.

I rarely leave reviews but in this instance I felt I needed to, I was skeptical about having rTMS treatment, it's expensive and does it really work however with it being FDA approved I thought there must be something in this so lets give it a go. I contacted the rTMS centre because they seemed to have the best reviews out of all of the centres I could find in the UK, I live in Derby and the centre is in London but I thought if I am going to spend this kind of money I want to go to the best and what seemed to be the most reliable in terms of customer happiness. I have suffered with anxiety for years but this time around I felt a deeper depression so thought to myself it's time to once and for all try to either get rid of this condition and how I was feeling or at least improve my situation to allow me to help myself, a big issue for me was brain fog, it was the brain fog which was causing the depression I feel as it seemed to always be there making everything so much harder to do. so I booked a consultation with rTMS (nima) and after that appointment decided to go ahead with the treatment. at first I did not feel too much, nothing profound however as the treatment went on after around 10 sessions it started to work, I started to feel much more positive, I felt calmer within myself and the brain fog was lifting, things from this point just seemed to keep improving, I have now finished my treatment of 20 sessions and I can say there have been big improvements in my mood, my motivation and brain fog is so much better (only seems to come here and there, not always as it used to be) I am told things will keep improving over time and I am very much looking forward to that, staying positive and motivated helps me do all the things that make me happy and life fulfilling. I would recommend anyone suffering if you can afford it to give rTMS a go and I would highly recommend the rTMS centre, Nima was such a kind warm hearted person to deal with, he made me feel very comfortable and his professionalism was brilliant, he explained everything clearly, the treatment, what will happen along with some really helpful life tips which work well together with the treatment. I cannot speak for other rTMS treatment centres but I do know their standards would have to be extremely high to best the rTMS centre. Thank you for all your help Nima and I look forward to speaking with you in 6 months time for our following up appointment.

a year ago

I’m very glad I chose to try rTMS at the rTMS Centre. Nima has been so understanding and flexible in accommodating my irregular work patterns for appointments, and is always happy to answer any questions and explain aspects of the treatment in greater depth. The appointments are calming and have helped me move to a gradually more positive and flexible outlook, after having tried medications which hadn’t worked for me. I’d recommend the Centre to anyone considering rTMS. Thank you Nima! IR

Anonymous Anon
a year ago

You couldn't be in safer hands with this clinic and I'm so glad I chose them for my course of treatment . From initially Hannah, then Dr Matta and Nima; I couldn't have wished for a kinder or more compassionate approach. They never treat you just like 'one of a number' and the whole experience makes you feel safe and supported. The mere fact you're seeking out this treatment means you feel in quite a vulnerable place and are in need of the reassurance and knowledge they happily provide you with. On a practical level, the clinic in Finchley is a great location - it's straighforward to get to from junction 2 of the M1, and there's always adequate parking on the road outside. I'm so glad I chose this particular clinic for my treatment and I would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone else. Thanks especially to Nima who was kind, patient and compassionate throughout.

Janet Bygate
2 years ago

I feel a lot better after my treatment. A darkness has lifted which didn’t happen during the last few years of treatment for depression through medication. Nima , the clinic manager is very professional and supportive and reassuring throughout the treatment. Not only is he knowledgable about the treatment he is giving but is also helpful in other aspects of depression and anxiety. I had a journey of three hours there and back to the clinic and it was so worth it. I’m glad ai chose rtms.My expectation of the high quality of the service was realised

David Stephenson
2 years ago

This is a very efficiently run process and clinic. It's a big commitment to go through this course of treatment but for me the results have been positive and I am in a much better frame of mind than before I started. Well done Nima!

Sue Dayani
2 years ago

Treatment was highly effective, very pleased with the results. Nima was very pleasant and the room was very cosy and calm.

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