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Treatment Cost

Treatment Cost

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

TMS Treatment Cost

TMS treatment cost: The number of sessions prescribed for treating severe depression is 20 to 30. The treatment course is split into two courses. For most patients, after 20 sessions the benefits of the treatment are detectable and apparent.

Therefore, the second course of the treatment is prescribed on a weekly basis (5 sessions) after reviewing the patient’s progress.

Nonetheless, the number of treatment sessions varies from individual to individual; some respond to TMS early and some respond late. Your progress is monitored objectively throughout the treatment on a weekly basis.

TMS Treatment Package

The aim of The rTMS Centre’s team is to provide a comprehensive treatment package for every individual. The breakdown of the treatment package is shown below. We will be happy to take any questions that you may have regarding our treatment packages. 

Fee For Other Conditions

The rate of TMS treatment per session is £250 and this rate will be applicable to other conditions that The rTMS Centre treats. 

First Treatment Course

20 Sessions


Inclusive TMS Treatment Package: 

– Initial Consultation Fee 

– Reduced qEEG Report Fee

– Personalised Treatment Plan

– Bi-weekly Reviews

Second Treatment Course

10 Sessions


Treatment Course:

20-30 Sessions

+ Maintenance

Inclusive tDCS Therapy Package:

– Initial Consultation Fee

– Treatment Plan + tDCS Device

– Ongoing monitoring & 2 Follow-ups

Overall Package cost:



Initial Consultation Fee


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