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Starting TMS Treatment

Starting TMS Treatment.

Starting TMS Treatment. On the first day, your motor threshold and treatment intensity will be determined. Objective measurement of your condition will be completed by our Neuroscientist. You are now ready to start your first session of rTMS treatment.

The typical TMS session is about 20 minutes long. However, this is dependent on the condition being treated and the protocol of treatment used.

How long is it before benefits from TMS are observed?

In repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) therapy, patients typically undergo 20 to 30 sessions to maximise therapeutic benefits for their specific condition. Clinical trials reveal that within a four-week timeframe, half of the patients experience significant symptom relief, with one-third achieving complete remission by the sixth week. While individual responses vary, some may observe results sooner, while others may require a more extended duration.

Throughout TMS treatment, our Neuroscientist consistently reassesses your condition and monitors treatment response. This includes regular evaluations of dose levels and coil positioning to optimise the efficacy of the therapeutic intervention. This meticulous approach ensures not only the appropriateness of the treatment but also its ongoing effectiveness in addressing your unique neural dynamics.

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